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Aluminum zinc phosphate

Molecular formula: Zn3Al(PO4)3·2H2O

Characters and uses:

White powder, easily deliquescent, insoluble in water and alcohol, easily soluble in sodium hydroxide solution of inorganic acid.

Aluminum zinc phosphate is a white anti-rust pigment, which can effectively replace the traditional anti-rust pigments containing heavy metal lead and chromium. It is a new anti-rust pigment product with ideal use effect.

The coating prepared with aluminum zinc phosphate has excellent anti-rust performance and water resistance. It is used in various paint-based coatings and used to prepare various water-resistant, acid-resistant and anti-corrosion coatings such as: phenolic paint, epoxy paint, and acrylic paint. Acrylic paint,

Alkyd paint and water-soluble resin paint are widely used in anti-corrosion paint for ships, automobiles, industrial machinery, light metals, household appliances and metal containers for food.

The phosphate content of this product is higher than zinc phosphate. Because it does not contain alkaline components, it exhibits general anti-corrosion properties in many applications. It is zinc aluminum orthophosphate with improved phosphate content. Makes the inhibitory water-soluble components increase in an orderly manner, thereby forming a better protective layer on the metal surface. Longer protection performance than zinc phosphate。