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Flake zinc powder

Brief description of mechanism and characteristics

  Application in coatings: Electrochemically, zinc has a more negative potential compared with basic iron, and it transforms into a solution in the dielectric to protect basic iron. If the coating is damaged and the base metal is exposed, this is even more so; for sealing and sealing, due to the corrosion reactants of zinc powder (mainly basic zinc carbonate, 2ZnCO3, 3Zn(OH)2) are deposited between the zinc powder particles, It fills the gaps between the pigments and does not conduct electricity, thereby sealing the coating; the shielding effect, because the scaly zinc powder is arranged parallel to the surface of the coating film in the coating, and overlaps and staggers each other, which greatly increases the water The distance from the corrosive medium that penetrates the coating, thereby improving the anti-corrosion ability of the coating.

Physical properties: The appearance is silver gray flake powder with good metallic luster.

     Compared with spherical zinc powder, scaly zinc powder has stronger covering ability, floating ability, shielding ability and metallic luster. The anti-corrosion coating formulated with it, the zinc powder is arranged in flakes, and the flakes are parallel to each other. , The contact method is surface contact, the coating is dense and the corrosion route is long, which not only greatly reduces the zinc consumption per unit area and the thickness of the coating, but also greatly improves the shielding performance and corrosion resistance of the coating. For example, when flaky zinc powder is used to prepare zinc-rich primer, the amount of zinc powder is only 1/3 of the spherical zinc powder required for ordinary zinc-rich primer, and the anti-corrosion performance is equal to or better than that of spherical zinc-rich zinc paint, which can be greatly reduced The cost of zinc-rich paint; the salt spray corrosion resistance of Dacromet coating with flaky zinc powder as the main raw material is significantly better than that of electrogalvanized and hot-dip galvanized, and it has less pollution and meets environmental protection requirements. When used in metallic flash topcoat, the flaky structure of the scaly zinc powder is oriented in the coating film, and the metallic flash effect is good.

Production method: This product is produced using domestic excellent wet and dry physics methods.

Product use: Mainly used in the preparation of Dacromet coatings, zinc-rich coatings and metallic flashing finishes. It has been widely used in automobiles, home appliances, ships, bridges, construction, transportation, aviation, military, electric power, metallurgy and chemical industries. . Dacromet coating fluid, Dacromet processing, Dacromet coating, water-based metallic paint, water-based anticorrosive paint, anti-rust coating, Diomet, Dacromet coating technology and zinc yellow coating fluid development and production and extensive Used in organic and water-based coatings

Product quality: The particle size of the flake zinc powder produced by our company is made according to the customer's requirements, and the upper and lower error of the average particle size is controlled within the range of 2μm. For other quality indicators, refer to the following table:


质量分数 %























Packaging and storage:

Packing: 25kg/drum in iron drum lined with plastic bag.

Storage: It should be stored in a ventilated, dry and fireproof warehouse.